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Obtaining a loan can help you move forward with your life plans

Whether you are looking to buy a property to make your new home a reality or refinance a property you currently own, I will work diligently to obtain financing based on your financial goals and needs.

Contact GMG Consulting Services Corp today if you need to secure a loan on a Primary Residence, Investment Property or Commercial Building.

What kind of loans can I help you with?

No matter what kind of loan you're looking for, I know how to help you. With extensive experience working with lenders on behalf of my clients, there are many different approaches in my toolkit for getting you your loan. I can help you obtain a:

  • Hard money loan
  • Conventional loan
  • Non-conforming loan

I can assist with both residential and commercial loans and mortgages to help you take the best route forward for your financial situation. Call 518-376-6540 now to speak to a professional loan consultant.

3 ways I'll help you obtain a loan

When you need to obtain a loan, you'll want assistance from a professional. I do everything possible to help make getting your loan easier. I'll:

  1. Act on your behalf
  2. Interface with the lending company
  3. Help you understand the different kinds of loans

I'll work with you to help you determine what kind of loan works best for your monetary needs and financial situation. Your well-being is my top priority, so you can depend on me for exceptional and attentive service.

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